• For Unsilent Women

    It’s not just their problem, it’s ours too — learning who we are from pandemics

    I spoke with Poorva Misra about how COVID-19 pushes us to ask tough questions about our commitment to dismantling colonialism and about xenophobic assumptions we may not realize we have.

  • Sound Bites Podcast

    Medical humanities: Pandemics, food shaming & social science

    I spoke with Melissa Joy Dobbins about how the medical humanities can help us understand everything from dietary science to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • KXLY

    Local leaders, organizations react to Lutz’s departure from Spokane Regional Health District

    Two local news features in which I discussed the public health ethics of the Spokane Regional Health Department’s decision to fire our Health Officer suddenly and in the middle of a pandemic.

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  • Stars of Hope

    Hope TV E7: Dr. Kari Nixon

    I spoke with Stars of Hope about my YES! Magazine Article regarding using art to cope with grieving during COVID-19.

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  • Here We Are Podcast

    Episode 267: (Pandemic Edition) History & Literature of Disease

    In the “Pandemic Edition” of this podcast, stand-up comedian Shane Mauss aims to extend his show’s goals of bringing scientific understanding to the lay public, into a spin-off series on COVID-19. The first English professor to appear on the show, I was interviewed in an episode titled: “History and Literature of Disease.”

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  • Linda Lorelle

    Covid & the common good

    I spoke with Linda Lorelle about how to bridge political divides and seek the common good during COVID.

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  • LSP

    Touching Contagion

    I spoke with this academic podcasting team about my new book and how to bridge the “two cultures” between science and literature.

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  • Trike

    Trike Theatre’s Live

    I spoke with Arkansas-based theatre team Trike Theatre in their show Live at Five about the history of plague and theater, and drama’s unique ability to respond to social crises.

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  • The spokesman-review

    Will anything ever be the same again? Pondering life after coronavirus

    I was interviewed in this article considering how COVID-19 might change social relationships in the future.

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  • Physician's Guide to Doctoring

    What can Victorian Literature teach us about Coronavirus/COVID-19

    What can an English professor with expertise in Victorian Literature teach us about the coronavirus? Germ theory became popularized during that era, so this is when people realized that we were the vectors of our own illnesses.

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  • Inlander

    COVID-19: What health officials have done well and how to accept that we can’t control everything

    A double-page feature on local “news makers” which covered my general work and its application to COVID-19.

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  • kxly - spokane

    Why an infectious disease expert says fearing the coronavirus will only help it spread

    A local news feature in which I warned about the consequences of American exceptionalism for the spread of COVID-19.

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  • The spokesman-review

    ‘No risk’ of contracting coronavirus from 4 patients in Spokane hospital

    I was interviewed for this piece discussing the transfer of several COVID-positive patients to the local area.

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  • Spokane public radio

    Coronavirus and rare diseases

    A local news story which compared three views on COVID-19: my own, as a medical humanist, a biologist’s perspective, and a local business owner, demonstrating surprising points of connection in all our viewpoints.

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