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Syphilis and Subjectivity

Medical Humanities Research This co-edited volume of essays, Syphilis and Subjectivity: From the Victorians to the Present, considers how syphilis and understandings of it shaped how people have seen themselves over time, whether infected or not.

Infectious language

Medical Humanities Research How can our language expose our obsession with certain topics? How has disease infected our very language and thought? Co-edited with Lorenzo Servitje explores just this topic.

Motherhood in the digital age

Medical Humanities Research This co-authored book explores how maternity advice has changed as it is filtered through new media sources, replacing it with face-to-face encounters.

Quarantine life from Cholera to Covid-19

COVID-19 Research In my debut mass-market book, I present ten different epidemics that history has grappled with in ten different chapters. Each chapter then has 3 “take-aways” for readers to use in discussing public health recommendations with their family, or…